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stomach virus : 2nd round

This morning, at around 5am, Sarina was really warm. I thought that it was just her blankets & pj's, but at seven she was still hot, so I gave her medicine. After dropping Lola off at her doctor's office, Jase took us to see Sarina's pedia. We didn't wait long since we got there early while no one was there. The doctor says that it's probably a stomach virus- been going around all month & very contagious. I'm guessing she caught it from one of her cousins, since Sarina doesn't attend school yet & they are the only kids she's around.

Bought Gatorade to keep her hydrated, the doctor says it's has the same effects as Pedialyte. So, our little monkey has the stomach virus again. Last time she was really bad, it lasted for almost 2 weeks & a trip to the E.R. Good thing we caught this early, hopefully we can avoid an ear infection & the persistant fevers.

Jase doesn't want to go to Mailan's Easter Egg Hunt anymore, he blames the kids for Sarina's sickness - crazy.

She's asleep now. She had some noodles, which thankfully she's holding down well.

  • Tylenol for her fever
    Keep off Dairy
    Water & Gatorade
    Watch her stool & urine
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