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A Whole New World

Last night, while laying on the bed with Sarina, she started singing. Usually it's a short song or something she makes up. This time I recognized thw words & I realized that she was singing Aladdin's ''A Whole New World".. She started from 'I can show you the world' until 'a whole new world.' Hehe! How cute is that?!?

She also knows a few words from the Goodbye song on 'Out of the Box.' If you know which show I'm talking about, they do sound effects with their hands -& the cutest thing- Sarina will clap & slide her hands to together, trying to do it too.

Awe, she getting smarter & smarter every passing day. *sniff* I'm so proud.

We'll be going to the library today to study for 3-4hours. The place will be closing @ 2pm. Have a good weeekend!


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