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Kodak moment

I find it incredibley adorable when on occasion Jase snuggles with Sarina in her tiny bed. This morning we awoke at 7am to dicuss our plans for today. When he came back upstairs, he went to her bed & slept next to her.

Last night after class, we went to Target & I couldn't help but buy Sarina two one-piece dresses. One's yellow & has a sun on the side, which reminded me of the Japan flag. The other is multi colored, like the rainbow. Sarina saw Care Bears on display, the Easter special ones, & she asked for all four kinds - she went the whole time holding on to them. Ever since she received the Care Bears for her birthday, she's been carrying that & her Funshine "Sunshine" Bear around constantly.

We still have not bought Kiana a gift & the Care Bears Books were all gone!!

Off to feed my monkey her Spongebob cereal...

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