Chucky! (bride_of_chucky) wrote,

yay! now i can type.

Looks like Disneyland has to be put on hold. News says that it's gonna rain until Saturday morning. I mean, we could always go on Sunday or Monday since our class isn't until Tuesday.

Since Sarina had a fever this weekend, she has now started coughing & sneezing. We'll try taking her to see her pedia. tomorrow, just to statisfy jase's mom. I hate going there & having to hear, "Oh she just has a cold. Give her some Children's Tylenol." Like, I wanted to waste two hours in the waiting room & take the chance of Sarina getting worse just to be told something obvious.

My sickness is starting to kick in as well. The right side of my nose is congested & I constantly have that feeling of wanting to sneeze, but can't.

Laundry needs folding, but I need sleep!

I pray that Sarina gets better, it's sad seeing her that way.

What can I do about her coughing? Can I give her anything else besides medicine, o.j., & water?

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